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Personal Projects ~ The Earth Has Music

Recent work 'Into The Woods' from 'The Earth Has Music' show at Trelowarren Retreat & Chapel, Mawgan 

Model Kelly Jeffries, makeup Francesca Bennetts

"Being in nature is a place where we can be alone in our thoughts, to reflect and bring about a stillness where we can hear the more important messages. Through my photography I seek to express how we are very much part of nature, however much we attempt to disguise that under the fetters of every day human life. In my photographs I invite the viewer to think about their own connection to nature. to pay attention to the tiniest detail. Stand very still and listen, peer inside flowers and turn over leaves to see what’s underneath. Explore those parts of the wood where the path disappears. I have always had a deep fascination with nature from a very early age, often favouring being alone immersed in nature than with other people. I’ve been very lucky to have spent time deep in the Amazon Rainforest and lived for a few years on The Lizard where many of my landscape photographs were taken."


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