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About Me

I'm Rebecca. I've been a self-employed photographer for over 20 years and have been living in Cornwall for about 13 years. I was living in London before that, photographing musicians and actors as I had many friends that worked in music and in TV. I had a great love for live rock music and photographed many well known bands such as Deep Purple and Heavens Basement, who play to huge arenas. I also owned Wolfwhistle Accessories, designing and manufacturing high end leather accessories to retaillers such as Harvey Nichols.

Now the beaches of southwest Cornwall are my studio. The light here is wonderful for location portrait sessions. It's a fantastic backdrop for family portraiture as children find the whole experience fun and laid back. It's just a great day out.

I'm also interested in taking photographs of people going through change and transition; Pregnancy, operations and recovery after illness. I'm very much interested in helping people feel better about themselves, having been through periods of self doubt as a single parent. It's amazing how empowering it can feel to have some beautiful photographs taken after a period of upheaval. Some people like to celebrate after beating cancer, or after a divorce. It's a celebration of surviving and all that life has in store for the future. My aim is that my portrait photography is affordable and accessible. 

I am very approachable and have been through my own adventures and hardships. I'm very happy to share stories. It's what makes us unique and I love to capture that in my pictures. 

I've been working on some personal photo stories about the way we are connected to nature. I am happiest when I'm outside by the sea or in the woods amongst the trees. Despite my 20 years living in London I have still retained my childhood wonder at nature. I don't think that will ever fade.

My most recent project looks at the subject of 'invisible illness' and disability that is not immediately obvious. I am examining the ways in which people feel unfairly judged and in society and unheard within their families and friendship groups. I hope to raise awareness and enable people to find their own ways to express their conditions in a positive way. You can read more about it here.

Contact me here for prices and to chat about your shoot ideas.


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