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Empowerment portraits

Intuitive, empathic photo-sessions, and the opportunity to create a 'story'. Empowerment portraits are a great way to celebrate a big change like divorce, weight loss, or after an operation or illness when you want to celebrate a major life change. Or you might want to reinvent yourself as a mermaid, fairy or woodland nymph! We can work together to create a set of images that will make you feel amazing, and that you'll treasure forever.  Half day shoot from £130. Book a session or contact me for a chat

Sharon Skinner wanted some empowering photographs taken after she turned her life around after a serious suicide attempt and severe depression following bullying at work. She took over Ssh Simply Second Hand in Penzance and loves being in her shop and is rightfully proud of her achievement.

"This bullying left me feeling worthless, hopeless and helpless and was a struggle I felt unable to fight. In the blackest time of my life I made a serious suicide attempt taking over 100 pills. I then spent a year waking every day not wanting to be alive and seeing no way out of my depression. I received no therapy and I was eventually diagnosed with PTSD. I made some progress on my own with the support of friends and family and a cocktail of antidepressants but the turning point came when I saw on Facebook that the Dandelion Clock clothes agency was looking for a new owner. After a year of paddling furiously to keep my head above water for everyone else when all I wanted to do was drown I had finally found my rock to stand on to keep me afloat.
Although I still have my 'blue' days I haven't looked back since then and have worked really hard to build a new business Ssh! Simply second hand. I absolutely love being in my shop and feel so proud of what I have achieved ( again with help and support) in less than two years.
I have raised money for charity for many years and decided that my chosen charity for Ssh! would be a local one, The Invictus Trust which campaigns to improve facilities for teenagers and young people with mental health problems. In the past year through a private shopping session, selling books and holding a successful designer fashion show I have raised £350." Watch Sharons video story 

Kelly and I worked on some photographs that showed off her confidence and amazing looks. She wanted a pin-up style theme so she chose a vintage swimsuit and we took the photographs in and on a beautiful vintage Chevrolet in Penzance.

Thanks to Kymm Sandum for loaning us her Chevrolet 

"I always love the images you produce for me, they are beautiful. You have an eye for capturing something that many people wouldn't see. Fantastic talent and warm lovely person. I always know I will be happy with the outcome." Kelly Jeffries

Katy Austin is training to compete in a bodybuilding competition and wanted some photographs taken to show how her body shape had changed. She looked strong and focused and very empowered

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